As you can see in the video above, today I’m at a home that’s currently being fumigated for termites. We’re representing the seller of this home, and we thought now would be a good opportunity to explain how termite inspections work and how termite infestations are treated.

First, it’s important to know that there are two different types of termites. Swarming termites can fly around the home and attack it from all levels. The other kind of termites are subterranean termites, which come from the ground and eat away at your foundation.

“There are two types of termites.”

How can you treat each type of termite? For subterranean termites, companies can get in under your house and inject things that will kill the termites into the soil and wood.

Treating the other type of termite is a little more difficult. If there is damaged wood found, that will be replaced. However, it’s common for these termites to get into hard to reach areas. Hence the tent. It’s actually pretty common for a home to get fumigated like this. The gas that’s pumped into the home will exterminate them.

When you’re purchasing a home, it’s customary for the seller to pay for a termite clearance—which means they will repair any termite damage and eradicate any live termites. Along with a home inspection, this is another inspection that every buyer should get, especially in San Diego County where termites are more common.

If you’re a homeowner, it’s smart to have your home checked for termites every few years. The earlier on you catch them, the cheaper and easier it will be to get rid of them.

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